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Vannia Ponnammal Nadar, one of the prominent castes of Tamil Nadu literally means " people who rule the land ". They are the heirs of the fallen ancient Tamils who lived in the Pandyan kingdom and are known for their hard work. Due to successive invasions on Pandya Nadu from the north, Nadars were forced out of their land and almost became extinct in the 18th century. But unlike many other communities who were considered as low castes by the brahmanical classes, they fought back and regained their original status.

One such person was our very own ancestor, Vannia Nadar. Howard Tamplin said " Many a man with no family tree has succeeded because he branched out for himself ". Vannia Nadar being the only son branched out himself and raised the seedlings of this mighty clan - The Kotthans. Know more
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Vennandi Ammal Shanmuham Vanniaperumal Ramasamy Dhanushkodi Rathina Packiyammal Saraswathi
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